Mejor Raza de Perro de compania, para la familia, para los ninos. Mejor raza de perro para los mayores.

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Quite Divine Coton de Tulear
Andalucia, Espana
Christopher Szadbey
+34 640 09 38 05
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Cual es la mejor raza de perro para la familia, para los ninos, para los mayores, para apartamentos, para antiestres? Pues, el Coton de Tulear es la mejor raza de perro en todos estos casas.

Por su caracter disciplinado, fiel y carinoso, el Coton de Tulear es la raza más apropiada para la convivencia doméstica y tiene todas las características necesarias para ser el mejor perro de compañía. El Coton es pequeno, es limpio, no muda la capa, no tiene malos olores, y no provoca alergias en humanos. El Coton es muy paciente con los niños y los mayores. Es muy juguetón, inteligente, leal y obediente a su dueño y aprende con rapidez.

coton de tulear

Which is the best dog breed for a family? I don´t want an aggressive dog. I have children.

Cotons de Tulear are the perfect family pet as they are totally unaggressive. Aggression is not a part of their genetic makeup. In other breeds, males can be more aggressive than females but this is not the case with the gentle Coton. To watch my two intact (i.e. unneutered) male Cotons being led around by a little puppy Coton, click here!
for a You Tube video.

I need an independent dog as I am out of the house all day.

The Coton is not the right dog for you under these circumstances. Cotons de Tulear, both males and females, don´t do well if left alone for long periods. The Coton is a people-oriented dog and, while they are undemanding when with their owner, they can suffer from separation anxiety if left for long periods alone.

I want a very affectionate dog.

It is often said that male dogs are more affectionate than females but again, all Coton de Tulear dogs, both male and female, are affectionate with their families and totally fixated on their owners. Gentle, loving and devoted fluffy balls of cotton. You have not been kissed till you have experienced a Coton kiss!

I want an intelligent dog that will listen and learn.

Cotons are smart and quickly learn what is expected of them. Anxious to please, they will adapt themselves to your needs. And, if you don´t want their kisses, you tell them, No! And they stop immediately.

Male Cotons and female Cotons have the same gentle nature and there is no difference between them.
Females and males should be neutered if they are not intended for showing or breeding.

Mejor Raza de Perro de compania, para la familia, para los ninos. Mejor raza de perro para los mayores.